Lay-byes Terms & Conditions

  1. The merchandise specified in the agreement will be held by the Hub Group on behalf of the customer.
  2. Should the customer terminate the agreement before fully paying for the goods or default in payment within 60 business days after the anticipated date of completion, the Hub Group may cancel this agreement.
  3. On election to terminate a lay-by agreement before the expiry date, the Hub Group will refund 90% of all monies paid by the customer.
  4. A cancellation penalty of 10% of all monies paid by the customer shall be forfeited to the Hub Group and the balance refunded to the customer, unless proof of death or hospitalisation of the customer can be proven.
  5. Should the Hub Group default in terms of the agreement, it will refund all monies paid by the customer, plus interest calculated at the prescribed rate per annum.
  6. If the Hub Group is unable to locate the customer for the purposes of a refund, the monies will be kept in a suspense account.