The Hub Rewards Club

The Hub Rewards card comes with no membership fee and the chance to earn discounts on your favourite goodies! You simply provide the card to earn points on purchases, which can then be redeemed as discounts on their next purchase, once you have reached the right balance. There are benefits in having a Hub Rewards Card like, first-to-know SMSes and emails, exclusive promotions and competitions and partners’ benefits too!

How it Works:
You earn points on purchases of R100 or more, and these can be redeemed once you have spent R300 or more with the programme. Points are earned on most fashion items but cannot be earned on promotional items or on certain other categories. Your points balance will reflect on each till slip for easy reference, and remember that it’s no card, no points! NB: No points are earned on Club Days

To qualify for membership, you need to be is 18 years or older, fill in an application form and have your ID book and cell phone number handy for activating your card.

If you are an existing Hub Account and Club member, you will get access to membership on request for the Rewards programme. If you have applied for an Account card and have been declined, you can still activate a Rewards card.