Club Magazine

Inspired by the most stylish South African men and women, the Hub Club Style Mag brings its readers up-to-date with the hottest fashion, latest make-up trends, lifestyle tips, articles, recipes and more – getting you fabulous in every way! The Hub Club Style Mag is a glossy mag filled with fast-forward fashion, stylish and affordable homeware, and high quality branded beauty products. This unique retail enthused publication is all about making its readers’ aspirations a reality and showcasing how to get that look for less. Having a sense of style is knowing who you are and rocking your individuality!


A behind the scenes look at a fashion photography shoot.
Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that our glossy and glam fashion spreads are the result of fun and games – however, a lot of tireless work and dedication goes into scouting locations, setting up, shopping for and styling the shoots, and more! Our models have also got to be real troopers – we shoot in advance for the season, so when you see them frolicking in bikinis by the pool, they’re actually freezing their little butts off; and when they’re doing their best to look cozy and bundled up for winter, they’re really dying a slow and sweaty heat-death! Such professionalism.
Despite the slog, shoots are a lot of fun – with all that creative energy flying around, our talented team members all coming together and doing their part, and the beautiful settings we find ourselves in, there’s no cause for complaint.
Speaking of beautiful settings, do you know of any gorgeous, quirky, or visually interesting locations? If so, let us know! Don’t be shy… your location could be the scene of the next Hub style showcase!. Send a pic and title it as “locationshoot” to